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HealthSpan Solutions - the leading solutions provider of senior care services.

About HealthSpan Solutions


Since 1999 HealthSpan Solutions has been managing and cutting healthcare costs in many areas. Now, we are pleased to announce that we are focusing on that same initiative in the rapidly growing industry of Senior Care. This new area of focus was born through personal experience! The Founder and CEO of HealthSpan Solutions, James K Lawrence spent years dealing with Senior Care Agencies for both his Father In-law and Mother In-law and he gained a great understanding of the industry and decided that HealthSpan could and will provide a new and refreshing approach to this much needed service. HealthSpan's model is built around being a true advocate and providing oversight for our clients and their family members. We are unlike any other firm in this regard. 
Our care approach is centered around the clients/families we serve and our fee structures are built around flexibility and client/family financial ability to pay. We evaluate first, client/family needs along with their financial situation. We believe that everyone should be able to receive and expect the highest level of care for their loved one regardless of their income! We accomplish this by working closely with our clients and Care Partners to find common ground that works financially for all involved in delivering the care expected. Our fees and additional benefits are structured in such a way that our clients and family members win! 
All of our Home Care Specialists Partners are Certified, Licensed and or Registered Nurses. In addition, all of our care specialists go through a background check and health check. HealthSpan Solutions is not a franchise, but is a focused privately owned caring company watching out for you and or your loved one. 
We welcome the opportunity to be of service to you and your family!





HealthSpan is - Improving Quality of Care - Providing Oversight - Reducing Costs!

James K. Lawrence
Founder / CEO
"We owe it to our loved ones to provide them with the Best Care possible with Dignity and the Support necessary to achieve the Best Outcomes for all affected."
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