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ATLANTA (January 16, 2017) – HealthSpan Solutions, LLC, a national management and services firm that has served healthcare providers and healthcare services companies since 1999, today announced its new company focus in the Home Care Services arena.


“After years of serving healthcare providers in reducing costs and improving financial performance I am pleased to direct our company mission and focus towards reducing the high costs associated within the Home Health Care Industry for families and seniors. In addition, we look forward to working closely with all segments serving this rapidly growing population.  Our goal is to work closely with Seniors and their family members as well as the companies that serve this industry to improve the quality of care while at the same time reducing all costs associated.  We will build strong partner relationships via our "Preferred Partner Network" that will benefit both Client and Partner of HealthSpan Solutions " said James K. Lawrence, Founder and CEO.“ 


About HealthSpan Solutions

HealthSpan Solutions, LLC, has been delivering and implementing performance driven improvement strategies for clients ranging from large Integrated Delivery Networks (IDN’s) to standalone Acute Care facilities since 1999. However, starting January, 2017 HealthSpan took it's long history of improving performance and reducing costs for large national health care providers and provide this same focus and energy directly to clients in need of Home Care Services and long-term care. HealthSpan contracts with various service companies / long-term care providers and licensed/certified private duty caregivers to provide services and products for it's clients. HealthSpan Solutions delivers tangible cost savings and improves the quality of care through its contracts and performance oversight for it's client base.

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