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To book a free needs assessment to see how we can provide help to you or your loved ones, please book a one-on-one meeting with us below.

Senior Care Partner Services

Standard Home Care 
This is the standard home care,service offering that other home care companies and franchises offer which is priced at an hourly rate. However, our services provide much more value and benefits than any other company or franchise in the industry. 
Live-in Home Care 
HealthSpan can provide live-in home care services when necessary. This service requires an in-depth interview and screening process of finding the right in-home caregiver that matches our Clients needs and personalities that complement each other and the family members. This type position is a fixed fee position and not hourly. The caregiver lives in the home with our Client and performs all of the daily activities our typical Standard Home Care Services provide. This is not for every Client, but if a Client requires 24/7 care at home and has a home to accommodate this service it can save our Client thousands in home care fees. In addition, this service provides continuity within the home. There are many more benefits to this type service which we would be happy to discuss in greater detail. 
HealthSpan understands that emergencies happen and that is why we offer our 24 hour On-Call Service. There are many reasons that you may need to have one of our Partner Caregivers in the middle of the night or any time during the day. In the event you need this service please call our toll free number at:1-888-541-9792. 

Note: This service is available to existing Clients and new Clients, so if you currently are not a Client of HealthSpan - no problem. Just call us anytime you have an emergency and we will immediately check our Partner Caregiver availability and get back with you in a timely manner to discuss their availability and arrival time. When you need us - we plan to be there! 
Specialist Service 
In the event our Client should require a Specialist i.e., Physical Therapy, Resperatory Therapy, Medical Equipment/Supplies etc., HealthSpan can coordinate these services at a discounted rate via our Partner Network of Healthcare Providers and healthcare companies. These Partners work directly with you and bill your insurance when applicable. 
Nursing Visits 
When a Registered Nurse is necessary to provide various types of care for our Clients we again coordinate with our Preferred Partners that provide this level of care. Again, in this situation our Clients receive these services at a discounted price and they work directly with you and bill your insurance when applicable. 
*Note: All above services are contracted and provided via our Care Partners to our clients at a discounted rate.  However, HealthSpan Solutions maintains oversight of services and client satisfaction on an ongoing basis for our clients.  We are your advocate in assuring quality care and performance.
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